Miguel Angel Yadarola

Miguel Angel Yadarola

Miguel Angel Yadarola


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Civil Engineer (MSc) at the National University of Cordoba (UNC), Argentina (1955).  Chair Professor Department of Physics (UNC) during forty years.  Was distinguished when retired as Consulting Professor of the University. 

Also Plenary Professor University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires.  Member of the National Academy of Education and the Academy of Engineering Buenos Aires.  Member Emeritus of the New York Academy of Sciences.  President Pan American Academy of Engineering since 2000.  Received Argentine Engineering Award 1982 and Pan American Engineering Award 1986.  Received the WFEO Outstanding Service Medal 2003 and the “Gold Vector Pan American Award” to Engineering Education 2006.  Member since 1977 of WFEO CET and President of the Committee 1989-1997. 

Twice National Member of WFEO ExCo 1985-89, 1997-2001.  Vice President of UPADI 1997-2001.  Advisor (1998), Ministry of Education (Argentina) for the adoption of Engineering Accreditation Standards and Basic Curricula Contents for all the Engineering Programs at National and Private Universities of the country.  Promoter, founder member and President of the Graduate Association of Engineering and Natural Sciences UNC 2007. 

Member since 2004 of the Reviewers Panel for papers to be published in EJEE.  Presented 150 papers at Congresses, Seminars and publications.  As Professional Engineer, founding member (1960) of Inconas Consulting Engineers and has participated in civil, electrical and industrial projects.


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